Pacemaker Follow-up


  • Simple, one-button operation
  • Convenient storage case
  • Clear patient alert system
  • 15-minute auto-turn off
  • Touch-tone clinician control or reversible telephone cradle options
  • Works well with all types of pacer modes


  • Consistent digital pacer enhancements
  • Detects low-voltage and bipolar pacer pulses
  • Improved testing throughput with touch-tone control
  • Most accurate and clear electrocardiogram available
  • Compatible with all analog receivers

The PSD 410 Pacemaker Transmitter allows for the easiest, most reliable and accurate follow-up of pacemaker patients. The PSD 410 was designed with leading edge technology to digitize the incoming signal and translate it to a frequency synthesized output. This will result in a clear electrocardiogram with easy to read, identically consistent pacer enhancements.

The PSD 410 Pacemaker Transmitter offers improved patient compliance with an advanced patient alert feature, one-button operation, and clear instructions. The PSD 410 comes with a test magnet, lead wires, and your choice of skin or adjustable wrist electrodes. The unit carries all of its accessories in one convenient case, and offers the option for telephone touch-tone control or a reversible telephone cradle.

Length: 9.70 inches
Width: 6.57 inches
Thickness: 2.50 inches
Weight: 1 lb. 14 oz. (w/battery and magnet)


Method: Frequency Modulation
Center Frequency: 1965 Hz (± 1%)
Deviation: 100 Hz/mV (± 1%)
Modes: Pulse-Width, Enhancement, ECG Only


Frequency Response: 0.5 to 30 Hz
CMRR: 70 dB (min.)
Input Impedance: 5 Megohms
Input Dynamic Range: ± 3.0 mV
Battery Type: 9V Alkaline


Touch-Tone Control Version:
Transmission on/off, patient alert, and mode are controlled by technician's telephone touch-tones.

Reversible Cradle Version:
Patients can operate the unit with the telephone in the cradle in either direction (no touch-tone control).

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